Powder Coating

A good looking car isn’t just about its make and model. A car is not magnetic if its wheels’ rims are all dry and boring. Never take the rims of your car for granted – they can create a lasting impression. A good and expensive looking car doesn’t look right if it doesn’t have a flashy rim to match it with. There’s no better way to arrive in a bang than rim powdercoating.

You might be accustomed to wet or spray painting your car’s rims. Did you know, however, that wet paint is actually harmful? The commonly used automotive paint resin contains lacquer that can actually be a bit of a headache after the application.

Apart from that awful smell that comes with the application of wet paint, exposure to the heat of the sun could cause it to be cracked and chalky. Yes, it’ll look good at the start but it doesn’t last as long. It requires a lot of waxing and buffing and eventually becomes brittle over time. Powder coat your rims for a better and more efficient driving experience.

The Benefits of a Powder Coated Rim

Economical – Wet paint can leave such a mess and all that’s going to be is a waste. Powder coating is very economical as it has better coverage for your car’s rims. For rims that have a rather complex and extremely unique design, there are some areas that liquid paint couldn’t reach. The electrostatic method of doing a powder coating followed by a curing process can definitely reach all of the adequate parts of a rim.

Eco-Friendly – Beautifying your rims is essential for getting your A-game on and it doesn’t have to affect mother Earth while you’re at it. Powder coating process does not contain harmful chemicals unlike liquid paint. The excess powder can even be recycled.

High-resistance – Sometimes we may not take notice, but the wheel’s rims are the ones that receive a lot of beating. It runs headfirst on all kinds of terrains and has to keep up with the speed and power of the machine itself. The rims of the car are very susceptible to corrosion, bending, chipping, and flaking. Powder-coated rims are able to withstand even the most challenging terrains and outdoor elements. It creates a non-porous shield that is highly resistant to elements that it is subjected to. Thus, making it extremely durable

Durability – On the process of powder-coating your rims, its particles are thoroughly sprayed onto the wheel and the rims are baked in a high-temperature over. This baking process fuses the powder coat particles together and allows the coating to cure which give us a thicker and more durable coverage on the surface. Powder-coating lasts three times the traditional paint’s longevity.
Finishing up your car’s rims with a powder coat also has a quick turn-around time. Once powder coating has been cooled down to normal temperature – you’d be damned if you don’t flash it out to your pals right away.

What better way to get your rim up to its full throttle than to bring it to us at the Elite Rim Repairs.

Elite Rim Repairs

We have been in the business for 45 years with licensed welders and techs rich with experience in rim care and are ASE Certified. We offer the best price and the best products for you!

If your car is suffering from a crack, bend, or curb rash, we offer a state-of-the-art facility powder or ceramic coating station that can assist all of your wheels and tire essentials. Our coating station will surely cater to all your rim needs. Whether you need to finish your rims’ powder coating with a basic gloss, semi-gloss, or flat finish, we’ve got you covered. We have thousands of color finishing to choose from. Whatever you need to get that gorgeous look you wanted, we know just how to deal with that. We can even match the color you want if it’s not available in our shops.

Here at Elite Rim Repairs, we’ll take care of you. Give us at least 24-48 hours for all your powder coating needs and more. We are a one-stop-shop for your wholesale wheel and tire needs and we promise you the best of wheels and rims. Whatever wheels you have, we are the tech specialists you can rely on. We bring the beauty in your beast with our most durable and attractive powder coating rim services.

Our priority is to give you high-quality products and services that don’t take a toll on your time and budget. By the time we’re done with your machine’s needs – you’ll look nothing short of a millionaire.

We do not limit our powder-coating services to just wheel rims, though. Our gentle yet erudite professionals also have services for ceramic coating, bike frames, brakes, wheel polishing, headers, and manifolds.

Please visit our website http://eliterimrepair.com/services/ for more information or feel free to call or email us to discuss your needs.