Replacing damaged wheels can be a costly & unnecessary endeavor. We at WheelRepairDr.com can resurface your car wheels back to their old functioning state again at a fraction of the average price of a new car wheel. At WheelRepairDr.Com we give a total refurbishment to car wheels, not just a temporary touch up. Our technicians are perfectly equipped to handle a wide range of wheel repairs and refurbishment.

Our Mission.

To help keep your car wheels running, free of any problems like unbalanced tires or cracked rims, & curb rash free

Services We Offer.

Our repair services are geared towards your convenience, scheduled through an appointment, and typically finished on the same day of the appointment.

1). Tire Mount And Balance

At our company, we will offer an all-out tire mounting services whenever you run into a problem or simply desire for a new change. In addition to that, we will offer wheel balancing in case you hit that large pothole or curb while you were driving to your destination.

2). Tire Sales

In case you come into our workshop with a worn out tire we will provide tire sales services in addition to installation. Stop by and have us assist you to get the tire that is right for you and have it fixed instantly at a relatively reduced price.

3). Curb Damage Repairs.

This service includes repairs on damages to the face of a wheel, powder coating your rims whereby we apply dry paints eliminating wastage found in liquid coating systems and refinishing the specific damaged areas. The process uses professional paint & repair products.

4). Bent Rim Repair & Straightening.

This includes straightening of any bent rims mainly as a result of driving over large curbs, potholes, medians, etc.

5). Cracked Rim Repair & Welding.

This includes welding any cracked rims as a result of sudden pressure exerted on the wheels as a result of driving over large curbs and potholes.

6). Mobile Rim Repair.

We will show up at any location where your car experiences a wheel damage, be it your office, home or roadsides and carry out repairs while the wheels are still on your car. All that is need is a parking area next to the car that requires repairing and a level surface to work on.

So next time you experience any problem related to your car wheels, be sure to give us a call and let the professionals at WheelRepairDr.Com take care of your wheel problems as you sit down and relax.

Remember a happy car is a happy owner.