San Diego RIm Repair


Are you looking for a rim repair service that comes to you? is a wheel/rim repair service provider that will come direct to any location you may require our services within San Diego and its environs. We provide the best price and product combination. Our team of technicians are industry-trained and perfectly equipped to provide the best services to our esteemed clients. When we arrive on location, depending on the damage, we will carryout the repairs and your car is drivable within 3 hours after arrival.

Call or Email us whenever you need a wheel/rim repair.

Services We Provide.

As a company, we always strive to provide top quality services geared towards your comfort. The Mobile Rim/Wheel repair services we offer are:

1).Cracked Rim Repair.

This includes welding of any cracked rims as a result of pressure applied on the wheel be it driving over large curbs, potholes, or medians.
2). Powder Coating.

We will help you in beautifying your truck, car, ATV, dirt bike, or motorcycle with custom powder coatings on your wheels and rims. The powder-coating process will be very specific as we believe in uniqueness, attractiveness, and durability. Unlike the use of liquid paint, powder-coating isn’t harmful on the environment. It is the healthier and safe choice.

3). Bent Rim Repair And Straightening.

This includes straightening of any bent rims that may be as a result of driving over large curbs, potholes, and medians

4). Corrosion Repairs.

As your wheels are exposed to various environmental conditions over time, they may react to some elements like acidic deposits. Alloy rims tend to react and form a white colouring that makes the rims to appear dull. To correct this, at we will offer specialized cleaning in order to restore a spackle to your rims and wheels.

5). Curb Rash Repairs.

You will be rest assured of getting the best possible services at a budget price, when you pick our Curb-Rash Repair service. The repair center employs certified and professional technicians who rack a wide experience with an understanding of such specific issues. They will provide the best possible services for your satisfaction. This includes damage repairs on the wheel face, performing a refinishing on the damaged areas, and clear-coating the wheel.

So, if you are within San Diego and experience a damage to your car wheels and rims, do give us a call or send an email. We understand customer needs and have designed our business towards ensuring your comfort through rendering professional services.