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Are you looking for a rim repair service that comes to you? is a wheel/rim repair service provider that will come direct to any location you may require our services within San Diego and its environs. We provide the best price and product combination. Our team of technicians are industry-trained and perfectly equipped to provide the best services to our esteemed clients. When we arrive on location, depending on the damage, we will carryout the repairs and your car is drivable within 3 hours after arrival.
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Services We Provide.

As a company, we always strive to provide top quality services geared towards your comfort. The Mobile Rim/Wheel repair services we offer are:

1). Cracked Rim Repair.

Being that throughout their life tires and wheels endure constant pressure & exposure, they’re the most exposed to damage. If any of your wheels develops a crack or bend, consider booking an appointment with us. We have been providing such repairs for a while hence developing an experience only gained through time.

2). Powder Coating. offers full services in the powder-coating of rims, and wheels. We give a variety of powder-coat finishes that may range from OEM paints to custom combinations. If you dream of making your rims unique. Let us offer your rims the attention they deserve.

3). Bent Rim Repair And Straightening.

We will offer safe and complete straightening repairs to your wheels which may be bent or out of round at the back or front barrel. We will remove the wheels from the car, clean, and inspect for an bends, and then institute the required repairs using safe processes.

4). Corrosion Repair.

Corrosion often occurs whenever car owners use low acid cleaners, allowing the acid to attack the alloy wheels over long periods therefore developing a streaking effect. Acids contained in the cleaners etch into the alloy wheels coat leaving a bad white streaking appearance. At we will do the surface cleaning of the rims so as to install back their sparkle.

5). Curb Rash Repair.

Curbs are usually bad news for the rims. We have repaired many wheels that have had such contact damage therefore giving us the knowhow to make your wheels look better after sustaining the damage.

So whenever you want any repairs and maintenance of your car wheels within Miami, is the ideal answer. There isn’t anything that can express uniqueness in your car like perfectly maintained wheels. Whether you need a cracked or bent rim repair, corrosion repair, or a powder coating, give us a call or send us an Email, we will offer expert consultations & deliver an exceptional experience you will not find anywhere else.