Los Angeles Rim Repair


Are you located within Los angeles and its environs, are you tiered of experiencing constant tire and wheel breakdowns? WheelRepairDr.com is a wheel and tire maintenance company that uses only the top quality of refinishing materials, systems and tools to ensure that your repairs looks new again. At WheelRepairDr.com we offer total refurbishments not temporary touch up. Our team of technicians are well equipped to remount, balance or remove any type of tires, be it run flat, large diameter or regular wheels & tires.

Services We Offer.

At WheelRepairDr.Com we offer some of the most professional services geared towards customer satisfaction. At all time we always strive to complete all repairs within the same day of appointment.

1). Mobile Wheel And Rim Repair.

Have you experienced an abrupt wheel damage that may cause extra damage if you continue driving? At WheelRepairDr.com we offer mobile wheel and rim repair services to locations all over Los Angeles. Give us a call and we will show up at whatever location and finish carrying out repairs within no time.

2). Cracked Rim Repair And Welding.

Low profile tires have a sleek and sporty look. However, the thin tire means low protection for the rims. Hitting potholes too many times may cause cracking of the rims. Our professional welders can do a quality weld repair, getting you back to the road within no time.

3). Powder Coating.

WheelRepairDr.com offers full powder-coating services for rims and wheels. We offer a variety of powder-coat finishes that range from common colors to custom combinations. We understand coatings & we understand wheels too. Let us offer your car the attention it requires.

4). Bent Rim Repair And Straightening.

Bent or out-of-round wheels may cause damages to your suspensions, tires & cause uncomfortable vibrations. Give us a call and let our technicians straighten your bent rim for a comfortable ride.

5). Corrosion Repair.

Road dirt, salt, & chemicals elements in the environment are bad news for your car wheels. A reaction between the two can leave a ‘dull look’ on your wheels. We have the equipment and experience to convert your run down wheels to the highlight of the car.

6). Curb Rash Repair.

Whether you have misjudged the parallel parking space or bumped to a curb in order to avoid hitting something, your car may suffer a curb rash. At WheelRepairDr.com we have the remedy to correct such and leave your wheels looking as good as new.

So, whenever you experience any kind of wheel damage be it a cracked Rim, a bent rim, corrosion of the alloy rima, or a curb Rash damage within Los Angeles and its environs feel free to give us a call and let our team of professionals attend to your query. Better yet, you can drop the wheel within our workshop at your own convenient time.

Our wheel-repair services will fix a wide variety of rims and wheel damage.