Houston Rim Repair



When it comes to all kinds of wheel repair services, mobile rim repair Chicago is your primary option. To us, your satisfaction is our business. We have the skills, professionalism and the expertise needed to make your old rim which is either bent or cracked brand new again no matter the shape, size or manufacturer. We earn our reputation by making sure that every rim repair service you need is readily available at our shop. From minor repairs to full restoration, email us or call us for a free quote today for a service worth your time and money.

Why choose us?
-Available 24/7.

-Fast response.

-We have the experience and expertise you need for all your rim problems.

-We use the latest tools and technology to repair your rim and other wheel damages to a full restoration.

-We are licensed and insured meaning you can trust us to repair your wheel.

-We have trained technicians who are ready to carry out any kind of wheel repair service wherever you are and at any
Our services
We offer a wide range of services to our customers. Some of these services include;

-Curb rash repair. Curb rash is damage to the rims like scratches, scuff marks or gouges which often happen when you hit curbs and other obstructions. We fix all kinds of curb rash with our latest tools and technology enabling you to have a refined polished rim free from scuff and scratches of any kind at a cost of not more than $250 per wheel.

-.Cracked rim repair. Rims crack due to various reasons and when that happens, our mobile team is ready to help you wherever you are. We fix cracked rims through Tig welding which is a service done for both chrome, aluminium and alloy rims. Instead of buying a new rim, let our expert Tig welders repair your rim at half the cost of a new rim. This process can cost up to $200 per rim depending on the level of damage.

-Bent rim repair services. All kinds of rims that are bent are repaired through our straightening service. After this process, your rim, which was out of shape before should be restored in an hour or less with a cost of not more than $140 per rim.

-Powder coating service. The wear and tear of driving can make your wheel look tired and damaged over time. A reason why we offer powder coating services to all our customers who need all round wheel durability and impact resistance. This metal finishing process leaves your rim durable to last you long on the road costing you the least $200 per rim.

-Corrosion repair. Many rims suffer corrosion with regular use through driving. When this happens, our team is ready to fix and restore your rim to almost factory settings at a quote affordable to you.

When it comes to rim fixing and repair, we are the best you can get in Chicago. For more information and inquiries, email or call us now for a service you can never forget.